Butternut Squash, Goats Cheese and Basil Ravioli

This is a peachy little number to whizz up and just needs a little bit of patience and time. Making your own pasta is one of the most therapeutic and satisfying things I have done and do in the kitchen. You can pick up a pasta machine at pretty much any good cook shop and, lordy lordy, when you have made your own pasta, you will miss it every time you go back to the dry standard supermarket offering. I made these whilst i was experimenting with vege fillings. I grew up with a positively vegetarian childhood, as both mum and dad were strict vegetarians, mixed with healthy bi-weekly mountains of meat from my grandparents. As far back as my memory serves me, the sort of food we were eating in the 80’s involved large amounts of lentil stew. Now Dahl happens to be one of my favouriteist quick meals, thats blooming tasty at the same time, but, and please remember when you read this mum, the way you cooked those lentils has quite possibly scarred us kids for life ! Anyway back to my point. Vege food needs a little bit of lateral thinking to make the food tasty, appealing, nutritious and most important of all when it comes to vege food……interesting. This is where this little number came from. Pasta when made right, should be light and velvety, and yes theres a little bit of work involved, but once you’ve made up a batch ( make up extra and freeze it) ti will only take a few careful minutes to produce something pretty special.

Ingredients :

  • For the Pasta Dough:
    • 600g 00 Flour (or Strong white bread flour if you can’t find 00)
    • 6 Medium – Large eggs.

    For the filling :

    • ½ Large Butternut Squash, deseeded and sliced
    • Fresh Thyme
    • Tablespoon, Olive Oil
    • Good Quality Soft Goats Cheese
    • Fresh Basil
    • Sea Salt
    • Ground Black Pepper
    • Butter

    For the Sauce :

    • Butter (Seasoned with Black Pepper)
    • Fresh Lemon Juice to tasteMethod

Tools :

  • One pasta Machine. Pick one up, online here at http://www.amazon.co.uk/tag/pasta%20machine/products.

Method : Ok, so first things first. You will need a


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I'm a man who has had his fair share of tough times, and kicks in the teeth, but has always found solace in food and the happiness that it can bring to people... I love buying, trying, cooking, inventing, talking, playing with food as much as i can.. I believe everyone in this world has a passion. For some people it falls into their laps and for some people, they are still searching for it, but when it comes, when that day finally dawns, embrace it, follow it chase it down at the first opportunity you get.....Only good will come of pursuing something you love !


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