The Big Smoke Debate

To Pub or Not to Pub

Whats the debate i hear you cry ? To pub or not to pub, or to London or not to London ? Thats where i’m at right now, difficult choices, both with not to shabby outcomes either. Let me take it from the beginning. It all started with this place (on the right) and the desire to grab ourselves a slice of the London lifestyle, whilst building a bright and shiny  future for the both of us. We made an application to Greene King for this ol beat up boozer in Kilburn. We’ve spent the past 3 months planning, researching, drinking tea and travelling backwards and forwards, but in the end it got us nowhere. Greene King went with a more experienced operator (bastards !) In the meantime we had been thinking about the eventuality of not getting the pub and we’ve wanted to move to London for quite some time, but needed a reason to be there and an income to sustain those extra living costs that come hand in hand with living within the M25.

Of course the seed for the move was planted a long time ago from an aching need to get the hell out of small town, smaller mentality living and into a city where the streets are paved with gold. Well thats what most people believe that moving up into London is gonna give them. A lifestyle thats not restricted by the boundaries of small minded people, a lifestyle that people can embrace, and enrich every aspect of their day to day lives. Bollocks to that. I’m not convinced yet, and having done a couple of weeks work experience in Hammersmith, having to deal with the tube everyday, i suspect that more often than not its the people in London that get you down more so than the place. I have travelled a bit, and in every country you get mardy gits, but in London the gits per sqft figure is greatly increased. In itself not a reason to stay put, but something that could make you commit Hari Kiri within a couple of months of being there.

As it stands we have been browsing rooms, flats, houses, bungalows,




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I'm a man who has had his fair share of tough times, and kicks in the teeth, but has always found solace in food and the happiness that it can bring to people... I love buying, trying, cooking, inventing, talking, playing with food as much as i can.. I believe everyone in this world has a passion. For some people it falls into their laps and for some people, they are still searching for it, but when it comes, when that day finally dawns, embrace it, follow it chase it down at the first opportunity you get.....Only good will come of pursuing something you love !


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