Summer Roll a Licious !!

Perfect as part of an Asian Banquet !!

These Vietnamese bites of delight give me a longing to head back to Vietnam and meander through their markets, sniffing, squeezing and bartering over the magnificent produce they have there. If Greg Wallace was writing this blog, he’d have this to say about them, “food doesn’t come much fresher than this!”

I fell in love with these on a balmy day in Saigon at an impromptu cookery class i took at the last minute, The whole class kinda sums up the asian attitude towards life and people. I called up at around 11am to this apparently well known cookery school and the lady on the phone was like, well if we know you are coming we will go to the market for you to pick up everything you will need. I remember asking if there was going to be anyone else on the course and she laughed and said why? you want somebody to hold you hand? I sweated my way through the streets

I love these for their relative simplicity, but also their  flexibility to accommodate a whole plethora of flavour combinations. Below i have been fairly traditional with the recipe, but have fun with and experiment as much as you can. The possibilities are endless.

Ingredients :


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I'm a man who has had his fair share of tough times, and kicks in the teeth, but has always found solace in food and the happiness that it can bring to people... I love buying, trying, cooking, inventing, talking, playing with food as much as i can.. I believe everyone in this world has a passion. For some people it falls into their laps and for some people, they are still searching for it, but when it comes, when that day finally dawns, embrace it, follow it chase it down at the first opportunity you get.....Only good will come of pursuing something you love !


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